RawYoga614 Yoga & Massage Studio  
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7339 East. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, 43068
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RawYogaKids mission is to nurture the wellness of children and teens, especially those in underserved communities, through the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness. In acknowledging trauma and allowing students a safe, judgement free space to learn techniques such as breathing and body awareness through guided practice, students will gain improved coordination and flexibility as well as discipline and self-regulation awareness with an understanding of where to apply these techniques in their daily lives.


Session Dates: 9/30/2019 – 11/22/2019

Once a week: 8 days total


Waggoner Road  Elementary: 340 WaggonerRoad, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068



Register by 9/25/2019 

RawYogaKids at Waggoner Rd

  • Breathing: Deep Used to calm, relax, and gather the attention of students.

    Topic Discussion: Students are introduced to topics and skills focused on social, behavioral, and emotional trauma and issues.

    Movement: Students are guided in fun, energetic yoga poses to encourage body awareness and self-discipline. 5 minutes are dedicated to allowing students to lay, relax, and gather themselves.

    Journal Reflection for grades 3 and up.


    Reduced Stress and Anxiety | Positive Self Esteem and Body Awareness | Improved Fitness and Physical Health | Discipline and Self Regulation | Encourages Creativity and Focus