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RYT 200

Yaizmen is a Certified Yoga Teacher with an emphasis on Power Yoga. She recently left the corporate world to pursue her love of physical fitness and entrepreneurial interests. Yoga allows her to push herself not only physically, but more importantly, mentally. Yoga and meditation has changed her life in so many ways. She loves the challenge and the way it makes her feel and she wants to share that with her community. Yaizmen is also the Creator of YaizmenShereè.com, a collection of her many talents including handmade jewelry and accessories, a Life+DIY blog, and her photography gallery and services. 



RYT 200 & Certified Personal Trainer

Derrick is a Certified Yoga Teacher with an emphasis on Power Yoga as well as a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of dbondfitness.com .  He has a background and lifelong relationship with sports, coaching and fitness.  Merging foundations of Yoga along with traditional exercise has allowed him to mentally grow and think outside of the box as an instructor and also inspired him to challenge himself and students to seek balance.

Tobi Ewing

Tobi Ewing is a wellness entrepreneur, social agitator and yoga and meditation guide currently based in Columbus, Oh. Tobi is also the passionate mind and founder behind Beyond the Clouds, a wellness platform and service supporting women and people of color on their journey to be well. As a wellness advocate and social agitator, Tobi aims to diversify wellness spaces and make wellness convenient and lifestyle-friendly. For her, this looks like modern and relevant programming that’s inclusive of race, gender, sexual orientation and body diversity. As a teacher, Tobi is focused on helping students find their own practice and ways to prioritize self care in their everyday life.

Check out Tobi's personal site at TobiEwing.com.

Olivia Wilson-Hall

Olivia has been practicing yoga for five years and teaching for two. Her passion and purpose is to inspire her students to bring thinking to feeling, utilizing their yoga practice to fully explore what their body, breath and mind are truly capable of. Olivia guides and encourages a safe and loving environment for her students to feel empowered to experiment with organic movement, free of any inhibitions or judgments. She does this through authenticity, awareness and compassion. 


In addition to yoga, Olivia loves to travel, cook plant-based meals, learn, read, write, run, hike, and connect with loved ones.

Luam Medhane

Luam, typically goes by Louie, has been incorporating meditation into her daily routine for the last 3 years. She loves how meditation has taught her how to live in the now and has helped her find a sense of peace in her life. She loves to travel and expand her vision of the world. Luam hopes that with her experience and guidance, she can help others create balance and peace within themselves.