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Yoga for Athletes

RawYoga614 offers a program designed for athletes to enhance their performance and prevent injury.

A RawYoga614 instructor will guide a one hour well- rounded yoga practice that will include dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strengthening and balance work. By focusing on these vital elements, yoga can help your athlete recover faster after workouts, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, improve range of motion and develop mental focus and concentration.

Another essential element in yoga is breath work. The attention to breath during yoga can be considered one of the most important benefits to athletes. Learning to stay focused and centered through uncomfortable poses by concentrating on even inhales and exhales sets up the athlete to stay focused during a race or challenging workout. The mind-body connection in yoga is essential to helping athletes develop mental clarity and concentration.


Yoga helps relax tight muscles, and also anxious and overstressed minds. Being more relaxed will aid in athletic performance, as well as proactive off the field.


Classes are available on site or in the studio. 


Prices will be based on the amount of athletes that you have.


Price may be adjusted if multiple session are booked at one time.

We also are able to design a specific time schedule to make it more feasible to cater to a specific team’s needs.

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